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In-home boarding is offered on a limited basis. 

Dogs will be kept in our home, along with our own dogs, and crated only when necessary.

We feed Orijen Amazing Grains, if you feed anything else it must be provided by you. 

All dogs must have current and complete vaccinations and/or proof of titers. 

Intact males and females are welcome at any age. 

We have a very limited offering and often book several months in advance.

Not just a dog...

When you choose to board with LMR, your dog is treated like one of the family. 

You will be updated with photos and video every day. 

Vet care

We use Stone Ridge in Conroe, and also Dr. Crellin with MyHouseVet. If you prefer your dog attends your regular vet notify us in advance.

If your dog has an emergency, you will be required to cover the fees. 

Meal Time

We feed twice a day, if your dog needs more meal times for any reason, just be sure to let us know. 


Basic bathing and grooming will be provided! 

We use Skout's Honor products! 


Our dogs stay inside, except to go out for play time, exercise and potty breaks. Your dog will be included in all of these. If you require extra walks or playtime please let us know!

Belly rubs

Belly rubs are standard protocol!


One Dog: $25 per day / $150 per week

Two Dogs: $45 per day / $250 per week

Three + Dogs: $65 per day / $400 per week

Drop off/Pick up: $30 each trip (within 60 miles of our location)


To book, please text Gigi @ 936-264-6320 or email

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