We got a "Gigi" dog sooo in love!!

We actually got a Momma dog from Lakemist. Daisy became our furever baby and we couldn't be happier. Gigi goes the extra mile to help afterward also. I can text or call anytime for advice and just to send "happy pup" pics. Recommend these high quality, well cared for, much loved fur babies to anyone looking for a great companion.


       Houston, TX.   

Great dog, responsible breeder.

Got a pup from one of Gigi's first litters. He is a year and a half old now and and has all the qualities you'd want in a Golden. I'd definitely recommend getting a dog from Gigi. She is devoted to her animals and maintains great communication throughout the process.


       Taylor, TX.   


We got Maisie from Daisy's (since retired) litter. Gigi was very responsive to any questions we had throughout and made sure to send lots of videos and pictures until the day we got her. Gigi also personally flew her to us. Maisie is a beautiful dog and we are absolutely in love.


       Needham, MA.   


We had the best experience! Our pup is a healthy and happy family member. Gigi is not only there before and during, but is always available for any questions or advice you may need. Recommend this breeder 100%.


       Melissa, TX.   


We didn’t get a pup from Gigi, instead adopted a 1 year old she helped us find. Even though she didn’t raise her, Gigi has been an amazing source of support!


       Montgomery, TX.