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Trainers in the SE Texas Area: 

Top Ten Reasons NOT to Get a Golden Retriever

If you have never had a Golden Retriever, please read this article written by Gayle Watkins, Ph.D. of Gaylan's Golden Retrievers:

Raw Feeding

American Kennel Club

  • AKC all things canine!

Golden Retriever Club of America

  • GRCA  the official parent breed club for the Golden Retriever

Whole Dog Journal

  • Whole Dog Journal is an excellent resource for everything canine, including daily care, exercise, current studies and nutrition. 

Good Dog

  • GoodDog connect directly to breeders, shelters, and rescues

Orthopedic Foundation for Animals

  • OFA is a health database, joints as well as genetic information and screening

Golden Retriever Diversity Project

  • Genetic knowledge is important! Embark genetic screening specifically for Golden Retrievers, discounted package. GRDP

Kuranda Dog Beds*

  • Kuranda Elevated Dog Beds absolutely love these beds, sturdy, safe, and comfortable! Customer service that just can't be beaten (ok, so they have customer service people that may have trained with Chewy, I don't know that officially of course, but they are super helpful and very nice.) When I say these beds are amazing, I truly mean it. Ours have survived dozens of puppies.

Chewy Online Pet Supplies

  • Chewy has just about everything you need and awesome customer service to go along with it. I've used Chewy for years for everything from toys, food, treats and even litter! They have been a life saver during puppy raising! 

Current Studies on Spay and Neuter

Types of Goldens

  • A brief opinion piece written by me here

*By visiting the Kuranda website via this page, we may earn a small commission which will be donated

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