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Visiting LMR

Can I visit the puppies before they are 8 weeks?

  • No.

    • The dogs are part of my family and live inside my home, not in a kennel.

    • The pups are whelped and raised inside my home.

    • I have a young son with a weak immune system.

Why such strict requirements?

  • Parvovirus lives in soil and on surfaces for up to 10 years.​

  • Parvovirus is extremely contagious, very deadly, and extremely difficult to eradicate.

  • See information sheets about parvo: AKC Canine Parvovirus and HSUS Parvovirus Fact Sheet

If I can’t visit, how will I see the puppies?

  • Facetime, Zoom, Facebook video messaging, etc.

  • Texts and email updates with pictures and videos.

  • LMR social media accounts are updated frequently.

If I can’t visit and meet with the puppies, how will I know which one is right for me?

  • The Puppy Questionnaire you completed, plus continued communication with me, will allow an appropriate selection of puppy for you.

  • The puppies undergo temperament testing with a certified trainer which will also aid in puppy selection.

If I can’t visit, how am I able to pick up my puppy?

  • When it’s time to collect your puppy, you will be able to come to my home. There will be an area set up outside appropriate for this.



I understand this seems excessive;

my entire world is in this house.

Your understanding and cooperation are appreciated.

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