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Types of Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers are arguably one of the best dog breeds in the world. They are highly adaptable and versatile, and though they don’t actually retrieve gold, they can be found in hospitals bringing comfort and smiles to patients; aiding in search and rescue outfits; as service dogs; as hunting partners, and as the all-round MVP in many family households.


As with any major life decision, it is important to research as much as you can about the breed. Join your local club, volunteer with the local rescue, ask lots of questions. When you find a breeder, be sure to ask them lots of questions as well. A quality breeder will welcome and encourage you!


One of the issues I’ve seen recently is the rise of the “boutique” Golden Retriever. There has been a marketing ploy take shape which is misleading at best.


English Cream Golden Retriever! European Import Golden Retriever! Exotic! Don’t Miss Out!


White Golden Retrievers are not a separate breed, which a genetic assay will easily confirm. White Golden Retrievers actually have very light blonde coats. Believe it or not, the picture below shows the many shades of purebred Golden Retrievers.


A breeder worth their salt will have very specific reasons for breeding their dogs, coat color should not be the only reason. Don’t let a cute boopable nose erase your better judgment!

Personally, I’m not against the lighter coats, my darling Tilly is a very light golden, I am far more concerned with the overall health of the parents and the pup than the color. Unless, of course, you’re trying to blend the dog glitter in with the light-colored carpets in which case I can assure you, it doesn’t help. I honestly can’t believe my dog isn’t naked - the amount of shedding is on a whole other level!


For further reading, please visit the Golden Retriever Club of America here


Types of Golden Retrievers

There is a lot of information out there, and I sure don’t claim to know it all, I am learning more every day. Research is your best friend. Well, second only to your Golden Retriever best friend of course. This is a fantastic article on the types of Golden Retrievers: Totally Goldens, Types of Golden Retrievers.


Please note that coat color, even in the article from Totally Goldens, does not create a separate type or breed of Golden Retriever!

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