frequently asked questions

How do I get on the waitlist?

  • Submit a Puppy Questionnaire (which can be downloaded by clicking here) via email, or via It will be reviewed, and I will get back to you as quickly as possible to let you know whether I feel you would be a good match for one of the pups. 


What is the fee? Is there a deposit?

  • Short answer: The fee is $3000. Yes, there is a deposit. 

  • Long answer: The fee is $3000. Yes, I require a non-refundable deposit of $500 due when you are placed on the litter waitlist. There are only 8 (4 of each gender) reservations per litter. The deposit is non-refundable however it is transferrable to another litter. The deposit is applied to the total fee, with the balance due when the pups are six weeks old. There is a Deposit Contract, and it can be paid via GoodDog, Venmo, cash, or PayPal. Payment made via PayPal will incur a 3% fee to be included in the deposit.


AKC Registration

  • The pups will go home with AKC Limited Registration. All that means is that the pups are not eligible for certain breed conformation shows nor will they be eligible to be bred. The pup can still be shown in Rally, Obedience, Agility, Dock Diving, Nose Work, Hunting, etc. 


I’m on the waitlist, now what?

  • Congratulations! Now all there is to do is wait! Patience is the key here, but I encourage you to accomplish several things during this time: find a great veterinarian; find a great trainer; research groomers and doggy daycares (if you need one), join the Golden Retriever Club of America. 


Brace yourselves, updates are coming!

  • Around four weeks after the breeding, the vet will perform an ultrasound to confirm the pregnancy. Once it’s confirmed, I will send out an email or text letting you know the date the puppies are expected! I will update the Puppy Blog throughout this time, but I will also be updating you as well. Around 8-9 weeks, an x-ray will be performed to check for puppy count. This allows the vet to prepare. And then it is just patiently (haha) waiting for labor! 


Whelping Day! 

  • When the pups arrive, an update will be sent out. At this point, I’d expect confirmation of interest from you, hopefully within 24-48 hours. Once I receive confirmation, the Puppy Contract will be emailed to you. I encourage you to read it thoroughly. 



  • Puppies will see the vet within the first 48 hours and will be monitored closely along with Mom. They will be raised according to Puppy Culture, temperament tested by our trainer, and exposed to other dogs, toddlers, children, adults, new experiences! 

  • Currently, I am happy to FaceTime, Facebook video chat, Zoom chat, whichever program you prefer, so that you can see the puppies and Mom. 


Veterinary care.

  • Mom will see the vet at Stone Ridge (our personal vet) in Conroe and also at Brittmoore in Houston frequently. Brittmoore is one of the best in the South East Texas area, especially when it comes to reproductive care. 

  • Mom will see the vet frequently during pregnancy to ensure everything is going well. Once the puppies arrive, they will all see the vet within 48 hours to ensure everyone is healthy and doing well. 

  • Puppies will be weighed daily, along with being monitored closely to ensure everyone is growing as they should be. Having a very hands-on approach will also allow for quick intervention if it is needed.

  • Puppies will have all appropriate vaccinations, deworming, and will be microchipped.


Six weeks

  • At the six-week mark, the balance of the fee is due. Payment through via GoodDog, Venmo, cash, or PayPal. Payment made via PayPal will incur a 3% fee. Personal check is allowed, though funds must clear my bank before puppies can leave. Arrangements can be made to make the final payment on the day you collect your pup, but only cash will be accepted. 


Get ready!

  • Take these two weeks to get everything ready for your new MVP (Most Valuable Puppy) to come home! Set up the first appointment with your vet, your pup must be seen within 72 hours of you taking them home. Purchase toys, crate, beds, collars, leash, food bowls, all the necessary items! If you have another pet in the home, be sure to research the best ways to introduce everyone. 


It’s time!

  • When puppies are at least 8 weeks of age, they will be ready to go home with you! 

  • When you pick up your MVP, you will receive a Puppy Pack: a blanket or toy that smells like Mom, vet records, AKC registration, plus educational resources to help with your transition. 

  • Puppies may stay up to a week past the pick-up date, after which a boarding fee of $30 per day will be charged.


Health guarantee.

  • The nitty-gritty. You will have 72 hours to take your MVP to the vet of your choice. The vet will do a thorough examination to determine the health status of your pup and its suitability as a pet. If your vet determines that the puppy is not pet worthy, a letter of explanation is to be returned with the puppy to me, and you will be given another puppy. Every effort has been made to breed healthy dogs to produce healthy offspring. Unfortunately, not everything can be controlled even in the best of circumstances. A thorough explanation of the health guarantee is in your contract and I am happy to share a copy. 


Delivery/Flight Nanny/Pick-up.

  • Flying: If you live outside the State of Texas, you may opt to have your puppy flown to you, or you may fly into the nearest airport and I can meet you with your puppy. If you choose to have your puppy flown to you, start researching Flight Nanny services now. If you choose to have me fly the puppy to you, I charge a $400 nonrefundable transport fee, plus cost of the airfare to and from the airport closest to you.

  • Driving: If you live in the State of Texas, you may opt to drive to my home and collect the puppy. If you choose to have me drive the puppy to you, it is free within 50 miles of my home, $250 within 200 miles, and $250 plus 50 cents per mile over 200 miles. 


Return policy.

  • If within the first 72 hours, you decided for any reason that you no longer want the puppy, you may return the puppy and be refunded $2000. 

  • Outside of this condition, the purchase is considered final. 


What now? 

  • Welcome to the Lakemist family! Now you have our support for life! I encourage you to reach out to me for any questions you have, and if I don’t know the answer, I’ll help find out! 



  • I reserve the right to refuse the purchase of any puppy, to any person or family, for any reason I deem legitimate, up until and including the day the puppy is due to go home. If this situation happens, any fees less deposit will be refunded.