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I spent an immeasurable amount of time searching for a breeder who met my expectations for standards of care not only in a breeding program but also as a person and found that with Gigi.

It was important to us to find someone who cares about the breed as a whole as well as the individual puppies and their futures. Our Alice was one of Gigi's pups and has been one of the best decisions we have made. 

Gigi has always been supportive and continues to be a reliable guide for all things Golden. I have learned so much from Gigi and Alice and look forward to many years of friendship.

Alice has been an incredible addition to our family. She has been a great companion for our 9 year-old son. She does not meet a stranger, loves everyone, loves belly rubs, treats, and playing in the water. She will outsmart you if given the chance. We have nicknamed her Smiley as she always seems to be happy and looks like she is smiling. She might try to steal your food if you look the other way but she stole our hearts even quicker.

K.D. November 2022

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